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    Brandon Miller + DJ Badre



    Brandon Miller + DJ Badre

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller is a ‘folksy outsider’ artist originally from Philadelphia, USA and has been based in Berlin performing as a musician since 2009, first alt-rocking the old world as Sarsaparilla.

    He makes noise across various genres including singer-songwriter, folk, experimental, indie-rock, ambient, drone and film musik. He has collaborated with many artists across various sectors in the Berlin music, theater, film and performing arts scene. His latest banjo-synth-folk-rock album ‘Stable as a Horse’ is out on Bandcamp along with all his other distinct albums. A music video for the song ‘Stick Figures’ from the album ‘Stable as a Horse’ was created by the fantastic Berlin filmmaker Jessica Post and can be found on Youtube! And here you can find him performing the song ‘Chängling’ live.

    Back on February 24th 2022 (the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and when venues in Berlin re-opened from the pandemic) he released a full length album Lagerfeuer der Apokalypse (Campfire of the Apocalypse) with the support of the GVL Stipendium and Neustart Kultur. He recorded most of the album by himself in his bedroom in Berlin during the pandemic and also in a former late 1800’s slaughterhouse turned into a dance studio with a very tall ceiling and long natural reverb in Rixdorf, Berlin. The album was sent to Kawari Sound in Philadelphia (The Districts, War on Drugs) and mixed and mastered by producers/musicians Zach Goldstein and Karl Rieders.

    The song ‘Utopia for Sophia’ on the album features Los Angeles based drummer Kyle Crane of (Daniel Lanois, Bill Frisell, Conor Oberst, Neko Case, Kurt Vile, M. Ward ) Brandon and Kyle spontaneously got together one afternoon in November 2019 before going to the Black Pumas show and they recorded Brandon’s song ‘Utopia for Sophia’ in one live take and with just two microphones in the ex-slaughterhouse/dance studio. The character Sophia in the song is referring to the artificial intelligence robot Sophia created by Hanson Robotics that sang the Bjork song ‘All is Full of Love’ at the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong in 2016.

    The song ‘Utopia for Sophia’ was originally composed for the theater project Gog Magog which Brandon composed the music for and performed in with the Internil performing arts group between 2016 and 2019. Gog Magog is a theater performance / disinformation campaign in four thematic parts -Ukraine, Syria, Israel and Europe. A production by internil in cooperation with Theaterdiscounter Berlin. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation/Doppelpass Fund and through Kofinanzierungsfonds der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

    Miller has toured, performed, shared the stage and/or worked or rocked out and partied with so many artists it is hard to remember including William Elliot Whitmore, August Diehl,

    Jessica Einaudi, Nina Nastasia, Federico Albenese, Aaron Embry, Kyle Crane, Kitty Solaris, Rayland Baxter, Ezra Furman, Devendra Banhart, Stanley Brinks, Freschard, 
    The Ocelots, Pink Mountaintops, Diane Cluck, Ching Chong Song, The Burning Hell, Stray Dog, and on and on..And has played in 
    loads of festivals including Fusion, Down by the River, and the lovely Villapalooza. 







    DJ Badre

    Orient, wave, electronic




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