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    Anna Lucia + Julia Witas + Klub Marta (DJ-Set)



    Anna Lucia + Julia Witas + Klub Marta (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Anna Lucia

    dark pop, drone, ethereal, poetry / Germany

    Centered around a magnetic vocal delivery, Anna Lucia fuses elements of poetry, film-score and drone into ecstatic pop dirges that oscillate between hope and despair and allow dark and powerful moments to co-exist with passages of fragility and softness.

    Through her lyrics she channels characters; playing with the audience’s perspectives and expectations using a method of alternative storytelling, which dips anachronistically in and out of different histories, both imagined and real.

    With her rich, androgynous vocals often inviting comparisons to Nico and Anohni, her performances challenge sonic notions of gender and genre.

    Besides performing solo, Anna Lucia is the singer and front woman of the band Anchoress.




    Julia Witas

    Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone / Berlin

    Julia Witas is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist, vocalist and performing musician.

    Through photography, film, installation and sound, she explores topics such as grief, death, nature, symbolism and dream experiences.

    With an intuitive and experimental approach, she utilizes dynamic vocals, field recordings and multi-instrumental, atmospheric soundscapes to create sonic compositions that fluctuate between devouring, dark distortion and floating, poetic fragility.

    Characterized by emotional intensity and visceral immediacy, her performances serve as intimate realms and ritualistic experiences.




    (DJ-Set / Berlin)


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