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    Acrartep + Le Syndrome du Desert + Telegram Sam (DJ-Set)



    Acrartep + Le Syndrome du Desert + Telegram Sam (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation


    Drone, Ambient, Noise / Berlin

    Acrartep is the moniker of Eugenio Petrarca, artist, composer and sound designer working in the realm of electronic music.

    Acrartep is also half and co-founder of the ambient project Ab uno.

    Acrartep’s artistic exploration primarily focuses on genres such as Ambient, Drone, and Minimalism, where each sound acquires its unique sonic identity through a blend of tones and overtones.

    His compositions are characterized by extempore arrangements of modular synthesizer patches, featuring long and sustained drones, slow progressions, rhythmic shifts, and repetitions, carrying the listener in an immersive and meditative sonic journey and crafting soundscapes with a ritualistic approach.





    Le Syndrome du Desert

    Harsh Drones/ DE

    Le Syndrome du Desert is an experimental sound exploration project inspired by the nihilist strengh of empty horizons.

    Blinded by liminal visions, dressed with and by mirages, LSDD is looking for naked skies, for the unreal hot wind, dreaming water utopias for the sake of cybernetic psychoacoustics.


    Telegram Sam

    DJ-Set / Berlin

    Soul, 60s RnB, Pysch, post punk


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